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Label: SoundGroove Records

Release date: 2006-05-17

Catalog number: SGR006DD

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Noises (Original Mix)
Shlavens, D-Lav, Craig Mitchell
Noises (Bitshifter Vs. Craig Mitchell Mix)
Shlavens, D-Lav, Craig Mitchell, Bitshifter
Noises (Midnight Society's Split Personality Mix)
Midnight Society, Shlavens, D-Lav, Craig Mitchell
Noises (DJ Cytric Mix)
Shlavens, D-Lav, Cytric, Craig Mitchell
Noises (Marne Le Noir's Meganoise Mix)
Shlavens, D-Lav, Marne Le Noir, Craig Mitchell
Noises (DJ Petzi's Spectral Interference Mix)
Shlavens, D-Lav, DJ Petzi, Craig Mitchell

SoundGroove Records is pleased to introduce the first underground anthem of the summer!! Craig Mitchell delivers a twisted and sinister spoken vocal over twisted tribal, progressive and electro beats. Remixes from Midnight Society, DJ Cytric, Marne Le Noir, Petzi, and Bitshifter makes this cut a sure winner on any dance floor. Will someone stop the Noises? Only time will tell…