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Just As I Do (Both Gone)

Just As I Do (Both Gone)

Label: SoundGroove Records

Release date: 2011-09-23

Catalog number: SGR067DD

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Just As I Do (Both Gone) (Andy Notalez Remix)
Andy Notalez, Robi Uppin
Just As I Do (Both Gone) (Niaz Arca Funky Tech Dub)
Niaz Arca, Robi Uppin
Just As I Do (Both Gone) (Mike Mucci's So-Gone Mix)
Mike Mucci, Robi Uppin
Just As I Do (Both Gone) (Midnight Society's Back To Basics Mix)
Midnight Society, Robi Uppin
Just As I Do (Both Gone) (Mentor Remix)
Mentor, Robi Uppin
Just As I Do (Both Gone) (Original Mix)
Robi Uppin

Those in the know will recognize the name Robi Uppin. His signature style of techno has been floating around for almost a decade on independent labels such as Lapdance and Driftwood Records, as well as the Terry’s Cafe compilation series from Plastic City Records (mixed by Terry Lee Brown, Jr). This time, the Swedish producer makes his official SoundGroove Records debut with this groovy tech house number, featuring additional vocal talents from M. Kivirand. Plenty of remixes to choose from including the dark & techy interpretations from Sweden’s Andy Notalex & Niaz Arca, the deep & tribal sounds of Mike Mucci, the peak hour tribal rhythms of Mentor, or the soulful 4-on-4 offerings of Midnight Society.

Original mix also appears on the Miami Music Sampler ’11, now available on SoundGroove Records.