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Dancin’ (All Night Long) – The Remixes

Dancin’ (All Night Long) – The Remixes

Label: SoundGroove Records

Release date: 2011-10-18

Catalog number: SGR070DD

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Dancin' (All Night Long) (Mike Ivy Mix)
Midnight Society, Mike Ivy
Dancin' (All Night Long) (Mause's Northern Remix)
Midnight Society, Mause
Dancin' (All Night Long) (Original Back To Basics Mix)
Midnight Society

With every Back To Basics EP, produced by DJ/Producer Curtis Atchison of Midnight Society, comes one track that becomes the crowd & DJ favorite. On our first EP, that single was the tribal/progressive infused “Ibiza Sunrise” thanks to huge support from house music fans and DJs from South America. This time around, it’s the foot stompin’, tech house & disco inspired single “Dancin” (All Night Long)”. We’re pleased to bring back this single for a second round, complete with the original version that started it all and two brand new tech house remixes from DJ/Producers Mike Ivy from New York and Mause from Brazil.