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Amsterdam Essentials 2014 EP

Amsterdam Essentials 2014 EP

Label: SoundGroove Records

Release date: 2014-11-13

Catalog number: SGR108DD

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Let Me See U (Tek'd Out Mix)
Manny Ward, Damiano, to3
It's Nasty (Original Mix)
Midnight Society
Sadie (Original Mix)

So many record labels release their conference compilations and EPs prior to the event and claim that they are the tracks you will hear. But how would they know that unless they had a time machine? This year, we’re going to try something different. Welcome o our official Amsterdam Essentials 2014 EP, featuring three blazing hot tracks from Midnight Society, UCH and a collaboration featuring Manny Ward, Damiano & to3. And unlike all those other compilations, we know for a fact these tracks were tested, played & crowd approved in Amsterdam. Check ’em out for yourself and see if they pass your musical examinations.